Mighty midget receiver

This is the story of a receiver that came together through a process very similar to spontaneous combustion. In the corner of my basement hamshack, I'd been slowly but surely filling up a cardboard box labeled "good junk. In the aftermath of each hamfest, a few new old pieces would be added to the pile. Variable capacitors, tubes, sockets, transformers - you know, the good stuff.
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EB5AGV's Mighty Midget Receiver page

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ZS1KE : Projects

McCoy, W1ICP, the Mighty Midget transmitter Figure 1 uses a 6GW8 triode-pentode in an oscillator-amplifier design that combines a curious misapplication of oscillator fundamentals with insufficient attention paid to issues of amplifier stability. The result is a transmitter that should not be duplicated and used on the air without considerable circuit modification. The Mighty Midget's troubles begin with its oscillator, a common-anode triode Colpitts circuit that nonetheless operates with its anode held above RF ground by the imprecisely resonant circuit formed by one RF choke 40 meters or that RF choke plus another choke in series 80 meters paralleled by the capacitance to ground of the triode anode and pentode grid and their interconnecting wiring. The use of the Colpitts arrangement, the building-in of oscillator-anode parallel resonance, and the use of an RF choke in series with the power amplifier grid-leak resistor—a usage more or less obsolete as of the mids—suggest that in designing the Mighty Midget, McCoy had worked to avoid the power amplifier underdrive of the Boosted Pierce: Eleven years earlier, beginning on page 36 of October QST , he had modified an aperiodic-oscillator-based commercial design to overcome exactly that problem by adding oscillator-anode tuning and power-amplifier neutralization in "More Power with the AT The presence of oscillator anode amplifier grid resonance without the addition of amplifier neutralization results in a serious flaw: With its anode and grid tuned to roughly the same frequency by design, the transmitter's high-gain pentode power amplifier is unstable to the point of acting more like a locked oscillator than just an amplifier. Suspecting that this might be true with my version of the Mighty Midget after I encountered hysteresis in its amplifier plate tuning at 40 meters—I couldn't achieve the same output power peak, and maximum output occurred at different settings, when tuning through resonance from above and below resonance—I disconnected the cold end of the oscillator cathode choke from the KEY jack and discovered that the Mighty Midget put out more RF power with its crystal oscillator disabled than with its crystal oscillator connected and operating! Adjusting the amplifier plate tuning across a wide range below, through, and above resonance and back again, I heard a series of grunts and squawks in my receiver as the final amplifier found and rejected varying modes of oscillation, some purer than others.
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N2CQR's Mighty Midget Receiver

Serving the worldwide community of radio-electronic homebrewers. I like his matching rigs side by side. Al, N8WQ. Thanks Alan, it was a nice project, learned a lot. I always wanted to build a tube superhet as a boy, but never had the money or the patience to do so.
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This is now the archive site for the SolderSmoke Podcasts. It will be updated periodically, but new podcast episodes will be announced. Bill needs small yellow slug kc transformers. Bill in Virtual Reality. HRO gears seem a bit loose.
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