Puppy pet care anal glands

To help the anal glands to function properly, dogs need to consume the right amounts of fiber. Sadly, due to a lack of good fiber in the average canine diet, many dogs have to have their anal glands expressed manually … meaning the vet or groomer squeezes them by hand to get the fluid out. You know your dog marks his or her — girls do it too! Dogs have two small glands on either side of the anus.
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Dog Anal Gland Care

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How to Treat Anal Gland Infection in Puppies

Join Now. You caught your dog doing the booty scoot on your favorite rug and now you're wondering why they do it and how you can get it to stop. Whether that or excessive licking of your pet's hind region is what brought you here, it's likely that your dog's anal glands need attention. While that's probably the last part of your dog's anatomy you'd like to pay attention to, the fact is that anal gland problems in dogs are fairly common and often the cause of dog scooting problems.
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Dog Anal Glands - What Every Dog Lover Needs to Know

You know all that doggy butt-sniffing that we humans seem to find either appalling or hilarious? You may not think of that dog in your bed as a predator, but at heart, he is. And like all predators, your dog has anal sacs anal glands located on both sides and slightly below his anus. They produce fluid with a distinctive odor that identifies him and tells other dogs his sex, approximate age, health status, and other things. Healthy anal glands express, or empty, this fluid when the dog has a bowel movement.
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You may also know that if left ignored, dog anal gland problems can develop into a painful medical condition. They empty through short and narrow ducts just inside the anus. Each sac is lined with abundant, modified sebaceous oil and apocrine sweat glands.
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