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Cauda equina syndrome CES is a condition that occurs when the bundle of nerves below the end of the spinal cord known as the cauda equina is damaged. The cause is usually a disc herniation in the lower region of the back. CES is generally treated surgically via laminectomy. Severe back pain, saddle anesthesia , urinary or fecal incontinence and sexual dysfunction are considered "red flags", i. After the conus medullaris near lumbar vertebral levels 1 L1 and 2 L2 , occasionally lower , the spinal canal contains a bundle of nerve fibers the cauda equina or "horse-tail" that branches off the lower end of the spinal cord and contains the nerve roots from L1—L5 and S1—S5.
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Top 10 questions about Cauda Equina claims

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Cauda Equina Syndrome | Symptoms, Treatment and Recovery | Patient

You may have heard that pregnancy can cause urinary incontinence both during pregnancy and afterwards, but bowel incontinence is also common, especially for women who experience damage to their pelvic floor muscles or nerves during their vaginal delivery. The condition may cause symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, gas, and bloating. Most women say they get back to normal within a few months, but if not, always talk to your provider. Yes, it's quite common to have trouble controlling gas or bowel movements after vaginal delivery — a condition known as bowel incontinence, sometimes called anal incontinence or fecal incontinence. Researchers estimate that between 5 and 25 percent of women have this type of incontinence after a delivery. Bowel incontinence can result from damage to the pelvic floor muscles or nerves or both during delivery, or from a tear or another injury to the anal sphincter. For example, if you have an assisted vaginal delivery especially with forceps or an episiotomy , you're more likely to have a vaginal tear severe enough to involve the anal sphincter.
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Cauda equina syndrome

By Katja Robins , Katy Wood ,. The cauda equina is a part of the body that not many people have heard of, but if it is damaged it can leave you with serious physical symptoms. In this article we explain what the Cauda Equina is and where in your body you can find it, as well as looking at the important job it does and the symptoms you can be left with if it has been injured. The cauda equina descends into the pelvis and is involved in perineal sensation, bladder and bowel control and sexual function. Cauda Equina syndrome can be brought on by damage to the discs which cushion the spinal cord, and that might be the result of an accident or negligent medical treatment.
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Repair of third- and fourth-degree tears, how to care for stitches, and what to expect when healing. For some women, a tear may be deeper and extend to the muscle that controls the anus the anal sphincter. A rectal buttonhole is a rare injury that occurs when the anal sphincter does not tear, but there is a hole between the back passage and the vagina. This means that wind and faeces may be passed through the vagina instead of via the anus.
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