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About a third of us are getting busy several times a week, one survey found. And most of us are still in the game: 91 percent of men and 86 percent of women in their 50s report being sexually active, although activity levels vary widely. What matters more is that you and your partner are happy with your sex life. Men and women age differently, and some studies indicate that sexual interest wanes differently as well.
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Texas got a sex ed update, but students and educators say there's still a lot missing

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Here's The Real Reason Why Some Women Make So Much Noise During Sex - Maxim

In general, there are no laws that say when a young person can start dating another person but there are laws about doing sexual activity with another person, which we explain below! However, there are laws which make grooming children under the age of 16 a crime. In Victoria, grooming may occur where an adult over 18 communicates with a young person who is under 16 years old so that they can sexually abuse that young person. These laws can also apply to online relationships. If you are worried about a relationship with an adult including an online relationship , or communications you are receiving, please contact us for free and confidential advice.
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Sex and dating

Sex is a completely natural and normal activity — meant to be an intimate act, whether it is self-pleasuring or masturbation, or shared with someone you trust. Touching becomes a sexual activity if it involves touching or fondling the breasts, buttocks, anus, or genitals of another person. Touching yourself in any of these ways to arouse sexual feelings is called masturbation. Small kisses on the cheek or hand and even pecks on the mouth may be normal to exchange between family and friends, and are not usually considered sexual.
Women who hide masturbation
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Q: I love sex, but I never get orgasm during sex, no matter how long it takes, so I masturbate afterward. What can I do to reach orgasm during sex? A: Oh man, there are many, many things you can do, and some are going to be so much fun and some are going to frustrate the daylights out of you.
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